TRI.BE Member Sheds Tears On Stage After Shinsadong Tiger’s Passing

The K-Pop Industry Mourns the Loss of a Legend

The K-Pop community has been grieving the loss of legendary producer Shinsadong Tiger since the news of his passing on February 23. Amidst the sorrow, TRI.BE, the six-member girl group he co-produced, bravely continued their promotional activities while grappling with the loss.

TRI.BE’s Tribute to Their Mentor

TRI.BE’s recent appearance on SBS’s Inkigayo was a heartfelt tribute to their late mentor and collaborator. Dressed in somber black outfits adorned with white ribbons, the members stood united in their sorrow.

During their performance, TRI.BE remained composed and focused, delivering their choreography with precision. However, as the performance concluded, Song Sun, the leader of the group, visibly struggled to hold back tears, sharing her grief with the audience.

Song Sun’s Vulnerable Moment

Song Sun’s emotional display served as a reminder of the profound impact Shinsadong Tiger had on those he worked with. His sudden demise left a void in the hearts of not only TRI.BE but the entire K-Pop community.

Shinsadong Tiger’s Enduring Legacy

Shinsadong Tiger’s career spanned nearly two decades, during which he produced numerous hits for renowned K-pop acts. His contributions helped shape the industry into the powerhouse it is today.

In 2021, Shinsadong Tiger co-produced TRI.BE, infusing his expertise into their debut. Their latest single, “Diamond,” released shortly before his passing, stands as one of the many reminders of his enduring legacy.

TRI.BE’s Agency’s Statement

Following the producer’s death, TRI.BE’s agency expressed the group’s shock and sadness. They pledged to honor his memory by ensuring his final works receive the recognition they deserve.