TWICE’s Mina Expresses Her Admiration for STAYC and BLACKPINK’s Lisa

TWICE’s Mina Shares Her Current Music Obsessions

As senior artists in the K-pop industry, the members of TWICE have always been supportive of their juniors. Recently, Mina revealed her favorite girl group and the BLACKPINK member whose solo music has captured her attention.

In an interview with Allure Korea magazine, a fan asked Mina to name a song she’s been humming along to lately. Without hesitation, she chose “STEREOTYPE” by STAYC, a song that she and her TWICE bandmates have been enjoying.

Mina’s enthusiasm for “STEREOTYPE” is shared by her fellow TWICE member, Chaeyoung, who was so taken with the song’s signature choreography that she couldn’t resist dancing to it.

Mina’s musical appreciation doesn’t stop there. She also expressed her admiration for BLACKPINK’s Lisa, particularly her highly-anticipated debut single album, “LALISA.” With a smile, Mina revealed that she often sings Lisa’s solo songs.

Mina’s love for “STEREOTYPE” and “LALISA” is understandable given their catchy melodies and energetic performances. These songs have undoubtedly captured the hearts of many K-pop fans, including Mina and her TWICE bandmates.